Planned project time based on the Spruce Methodology and a Scope of Work created post-consult

Hands-on before-and-after projects that produce results quickly or over time

Recommended for clients with specific spaces they want to transform

Product additions and organizing tools may be encouraged to purchase if they will add to the completed look and usability of the space

Scheduled and compensated at a $64 per hour basis and billed net 15



Digitization services for journals, documents, and photos

Assists in freeing clients of file boxes, file cabinets, photo prints, and paper stacks

Creates freedom from hard copies and the ability to access files in multiple formats, namely pdf format

Compensated at $.64 per page with a flat $64 handling fee applied to the final total; turnaround is 7 days in most cases; billed net 15



Assistance with decluttering and packing prior to a move or downsizing

This is a hands-on way to work alongside you and help you move with as little as possible

Purchase of moving boxes and materials is available

Emphasis on decluttering means we’ll encourage as much paring down as is appropriate

Scheduled and compensated at a $64 per hour basis and billed net 15