There are not many feelings I relish as much as the feeling of a perfectly organized space

I love to share this feeling with all of my clients within the results of their spaces


Truly, a space you can find anything in allows for an easier day. It gives the freedom to walk into your kitchen and just start cooking; or to open your closet and know just where the items are for an outfit. My proven methodology is how I achieve highly functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for all of my clients.

My passion for organization started as a young lady. I was not a kid who needed to be told to clean her room. When I inherited pounds upon pounds of beads to make jewelry with, I found myself more enthralled with organizing them by color and style, than from actually making anything with them. In college, I needed another job, but I wanted to really love whatever it was. My skills in organization were no secret, so I decided to put an ad out on Craigslist to see if anyone would hire me. Within a month, I had my first client and Spruce was born.

Now, seven years later and many clients served, I have honed my talents to bring to life organized spaces that are maintainable and genuinely make a difference in how their owners function in them. It’s all about a sustainable change that inspires continued organization.