As organized as you want to be.





What Can Organizing Do For You?

Hiring a professional organizer is more than a solution to a cluttered room. It is trusting in another person to guide you through the process of transforming your space.

No matter what shape a room is in, it contains possibility. My job is to help you restore it, renew it, and bring new possibilities to reality. Each project with Spruce begins with a one-hour, on-site consult. I love to know the story of your space - as simple or as complex as it may be. Once our tour and conversation conclude, the next step is a Scope of Work that allows for a plan and timeline.

The day we tackle the transformation, we wear grubby clothes, we get to know each other more, and I guide us through the steps of decluttering, paring down, cleaning, organizing, and making the hopes you have for your space come to fruition.